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Blueberries Improve Memory

Can blueberries improve your memory? Have you heard the old proverb ‘eating an apple a day takes the doctor away’? Well, some researchers are now saying that blueberries might be the new apple.  There has been some recent interest linking nutrition and alleviating various neurological ailments.  Today, it is not all about medications and surgery. Advanced Brain and Spine believes some remedies may be as simple as taking a few moments a day for mediation or yoga. Other’s might be as easy as eating blueberries. Yep, that’s right, our favorite little antioxidant loaded berry can help improve your brain.

Researchers from the University of Cincinnati presented several studies at the 251st National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS), in San Diego, California.

One of those studies showed that compared to placebo powder, patients who ingested freeze-dried blueberry powder, showed improvements in cognitive performance and brain function. Specifically, after looking at imaging studies those patients who ate blueberries seemed to activate certain regions in the left hemisphere of the brain more than the patients that ate the placebo powder.  The left hemisphere processes tasks that have to do with logic, such as science and math.

Blueberries contain polyphenolic compounds, most prominently anthocyanins, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. In addition to all the other benefits, anthocyanins have been associated with increased neuronal signaling in brain centers mediating memory function.  Basically, this means there is increased activity in the memory centers of the brain.  All this from eating blueberries!  A delicious way to power your brain.

Eating right, exercise and a good nights sleep are all part of a healthy lifestyle. Advanced Brain and Spine believes that incorporating these healthy habits as part of our daily lives will help improve our overall health and keep our minds sharp.  Don’t forget to eat your blueberries.

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