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Brain Aneurysms Can Affect Almost Anyone

Having a brain aneurysm rupture can be a very frightening event for everyone involved. Brain aneurysms can affect almost anyone. Whether you’re famous or unknown the aneurysm doesn’t care. We would like to offer our condolences and regret to all the victims of either a stroke or specifically brain aneurysms.
We would also like to take this chance to provide some material which may be relevant to those of us seeking to prevent and treat cerebral aneurysms. An aneurysm is a weakness in the blood vessel wall. This weakness over a period of time forms an out-pouching in the vessel that resembles a small balloon. This condition occurs due to a combination of genetic and environmental conditions which combine to cause an unfortunate situation. Currently a study is underway to find out whether we should screen patients for brain aneurysms and hopefully what are the genetic factors involved. This study is called: The Familial Intracranial Aneurysm or FIA study. However, most of the time cerebral aneurysms are a random condition and don’t run in families. Brain aneurysms are for the most part asymptomatic. Meaning it’s unlikely you would know if you had one. There are methods to find out if you have a cerebral aneurysm. The best way is through a cerebral angiogram. But that involves needles and dye injections. The next best method which is almost as sensitive is a CT angiogram. There are other ways. Sometimes a brain aneurysm will show up on a random imaging study such as a CT or an MRI. For the most part these out-pouching don’t cause any problems. However, sometimes they rupture which can be life threatening. This usually presents with a severe headache, neck stiffness and a sensitivity to light. It can resemble a migraine but unlike migraines it usually happens once and not repeatedly. The headache typically is the worst headache anyone can imagine. If you do have those symptoms you should head into your local ER or call 911. There are various treatment options available for brain aneurysms to include coiling the aneurysm, clipping the aneurysm and the last option which is sometimes valid is to wait and see what happens. Overall ruptured brain aneurysms are a very serious condition. For more information, please look at our brain aneurysm patient resource.

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