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Yoga for Brain Tumor Recovery

The diagnosis if a tumor is a difficult one. It is difficult for the patient and it is difficult for the family. Brain tumors can be some of the most difficult to manage and deal because of the associated neurological deficits sometimes present in addition to the actual diagnosis of a brain tumor. Sometimes one has to take a little time for relaxation and to reconnect with one’s own body. At Advanced Brain & Spine we believe in the power of relaxation and a positive attitude especially in managing brain tumors. To try to help our patients achieve that we would like to inform our patient of Yoga for Cancer Recovery at Porter Hospital every Tuesday from 4:00-5:00pm. This class will be held at the Poncha Springs Conference Room led by certified Yoga therapist Gary Schroeder.  Registration is required.  Please call Brenda Hart at 303-765-3888 or email to register.

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